Unless otherwise stated in the contract, it is the responsibility of the Shift Council to give the Strata Manager or Strata Management Company a clear direction. Before the Annual General Meeting, send notice of the meeting to your neighbours. You can get your neighbours` contact information from your shift manager. Some managers may try not to give these details, but it is your right to communicate with your neighbors. In particular, you need email addresses. When a co-ownership management agreement terminates, the broker must return all Strata Corporation documents that it owns or controls to Strata Corporation within four weeks of termination. According to the rules of the RECBC, stratum management companies are required to keep certain stratum records or copies of stratum records for at least 7 years after their establishment. Co-owner management contracts entered into by the owner developer prior to the first Annual General Meeting end automatically, and the earlier of the two: The Co-owner Management Agreement is a legally binding agreement between Strata Corporation (or Section) and Strata Management Company. A shift contract must be in writing and reviewed by independent legal counsel. If the duration of the contract is less than three years, there is no fixed notice period under the Co-ownership Schemes Management Act, so it is best to review the terms of your agreement. Hi, my boyfriend and I moved into a new apartment building with a strata manager appointed by the original developer before the strata plan was registered.

We were one of the first residents to move in july of this year, and no watch committee has yet to be appointed. If anything has gone wrong in the last 6 months, we, along with only a few others, were the only ones to have informed the Strata Manager. Last week, we received notification of the Annual General Meeting the day after it was held. For this reason, no one showed up and the Annual General Meeting was postponed to the end of January 2020. However, yesterday the strata manager sent my friend and me their strata management agency contract for a period of 3 years and asked us to sign it. We do not want to sign because a) we do not want to be held responsible for anything, b) no committee of co-owners has been formed, so we do not think it is our personal responsibility and c) we and some of the residents are not satisfied with the manager of Strata. I am looking for advice if the Manager of Strata can ask us to sign the agreement in our personal capacity even before appointing a Strata committee? Once you have successfully completed a vote at an AGM to remove your current co-ownership manager, follow the process of removing or terminating the manager as outlined in the appointment agreement. The last thing I would do would be to register these people for anything, at any time.

Google Strata Manager in your area and invite them to attend the first AGM to pitch in front of the owners. The RECBC plays an important oversight role in regulating the layers of property management companies and managers for compliance with the Real Estate Services Act (RESA) and its rules. You`ll need approval from the owner company to change shift managers, so arrange a formal or informal meeting with the co-owner committee to discuss ongoing issues with your current agent and confirm a majority for contract termination. .