However, in a statement to investors, LATAM said: “IAG and LATAM Airlines have decided not to implement the announced joint commercial agreement and to terminate the contracts related to this transaction.” The end of codeshare agreements with American Airlines LATAM will formally terminate all codeshare agreements with American Airlines on January 31, 2020. Customers who purchased flights from American Airlines via LATAM prior to this date for flights on or after February 1, 2020 are entitled to the same services without any change in flight or ticketing conditions. The airline group`s subsidiaries in Peru, Colombia and Ecuador have signed codeshare agreements with Delta, which will come into effect in the first quarter of 2020 The initial 2016 joint venture agreement provided that DAG British Airways and Iberia would “commercially cooperate” with LATAM on flights between the European Union and South America in order to “increase the number of destinations, that airlines can offer their customers.” The three codeshare agreements signed today (December 2, 2019) with Delta offer LATAM customers the ability to engage up to 74 additional destinations in the U.S. and Canada and open up to 51 additional destinations to Delta passengers in South America*. Start of first quarter 2020: Chile-based LaTAM first announced in January 2016 proposals to deepen relations with British Airways and IAG`s Iberia on routes between Europe and South America. At the same time, LATAM has also signed joint commercial agreements in order to enter into a partnership with American Airlines. “Both airlines strive to maintain their long-standing relationship and serve customers on both sides of the Atlantic. All existing bilateral interconnection, code-sharing, lounge access and loyalty agreements between airlines are maintained, without impacting customers. Following latam`s withdrawal from oneworld, LATAM will maintain its bilateral agreements with the majority of Alliance members. 3.10 For safety reasons, hand luggage that can be loaded with the passenger in the cabin must comply with the dimensions and weight limits indicated to fit into the luggage compartments or under the seats. it is the passenger`s responsibility to place their hand luggage in the luggage compartments; If the passenger is unable to do so due to physical difficulties, he or she should have it carried as hold baggage. The passenger must comply with the maximum weight, measurement and baggage limits indicated on the website and indicated in the information relating to your purchase document previously mentioned in point 1.1. The initial codeshare deal, already proposed by IAG in 2016, reportedly saw a commercial venture between LATAM, Iberia and British Airways on flights between the European Union and South America.

“These codeshares are an important step on LATAM`s path to delivering the best connectivity and customer experience in North and South America. Our passengers will soon be able to reach up to 74 destinations in the U.S. and Canada, which is just one example of the complementarity of our networks and one of the many future benefits that the strategic agreement with Delta will bring,” said Enrique Cueto, CEO of LATAM Airlines Group. In early December, the South American airline entered into the new codeshare agreement with the owner of the pending equity and Delta, where by which the airline will terminate its joint venture with American Airlines on January 31, 2020. However, he added that the other contracts in force between LATAM and IAG, such as interline agreements, codeshare agreements, VIP lounge access contracts and the frequent flyer program between airlines, “remain valid, without impacting passengers.”