This does not mean that your support company will not help in these circumstances – they will probably only charge you extras. These terms and conditions must NOT be amended, supplemented or amended by the use of other documents, unless otherwise stated. Any attempt to amend, complete or modify this document or to place an order for products or services and assistance subject to additional or modified conditions is null and void, unless a written agreement signed by the Client and SVC has otherwise agreed. MDaemon Technologies offers technical assistance agreements to meet your company`s critical response requirements. We strive to provide the best support experience with one goal: your satisfaction. We have also provided a summary of the main points below to help you better understand what this example IT support contract includes: According to the terms of this contract between [Company.Company], referred to as “CONTRACTOR” and [client], as “CLIENT,” the CONTRACTOR is the maintenance and/or support service for this IT project for the agreed amount of [dollar”: [title or brief description of task1] [Estimate of number of hours1] [Detailed description of task1] [Service Identification1] b. [Title or Brief Description of Task2] [Estimate of Number of Hours2] [Detailed Description of Task2] [Identification of Delivery Elements2] v. [Title or Brief Description of Task3] [Detailed Task Count3] [Identification of Delivery Elements3] This is a detailed list of tasks and situations that is covered by the treaty. Our IT support contract model lists a few common examples.

For example: This Heads of Agreement is the precursor to a binding agreement for software licenses between two organizations. It defines the products, responsibilities and prices that the parties will approve in a subsequent binding contract. Most IT support companies use a multi-tiered system to track and respond to support requests.