In cases of software audit, as your copyright advisor, we try to get a private agreement to protect confidential communications, so that if your company is sued, or the company`s individual executives and directors are sued for copyright infringement, you have at least one shot to settle certain elements of the transaction discussions. , the scarcity of licenses, offers of amounts and other exchanges of confidential information. There is no guarantee that the objects and communications exchanged will be protected, but you have few opportunities to keep transaction notifications outside the courts without agreement. In another case, Milton H. Greene Archives, Inc. v. Julien`s Auction House LLC, 345 F. App`x 244, 247 (9 cir. 2009), the Federal Court of Justice has ruled: The idea of correspondence agreements is simple: before settlement negotiations, the parties enter into an agreement that promises to treat their communication with even more privacy than was granted by Rule 408. But in practice, it can be difficult to write a mail-order agreement. And since correspondence agreements are generally confidential, there are no practical instructions on when and how they should be used. Let`s take this void.

Correspondence agreements are usually confidential. As a result, practical instructions on when and how to use them are lacking. Porter Wright Morris – Arthur LLP helps fill this void. This rule renders, as has been reported, inadmissible evidence of the settlement or attempt to settle a disputed claim when it is offered as a concession of liability or an amount of liability. This rule is intended to encourage comparisons that would be discouraged if such evidence were admissible. The practical value of the common law rule has been significantly reduced by its iniquitability to the admission of facts, even if it was made during compromise negotiations, unless it has stated that it is “unprejudiced” or is related to the offer that it is inseparable from it. McCormick 251, 540-541. An inevitable effect is to impede freedom of communication in matters of compromise, including among lawyers. Another effect is to create controversy over whether a particular statement is within or within the protected area. These considerations contribute to extending the rule to evidence of behaviour or statements in the context of compromise negotiations, as well as to the offer or compromise itself. For similar provisions, see California Evidence Code 1152, 1154. As you can see, it would be nice to have stronger protection than the type normally granted.

But it has to be negotiated and they can`t always agree. Also note that an FRE 408 agreement does not ultimately mean that the critical facts of the case will not come out if an agreement is not reached and if a federal lawsuit is filed (a party cannot always prevent the possibility of finding relevant records), but it may protect certain communications that would otherwise not be protected , and can help protect certain trade secrets or proprietary information. which can be disclosed while trying to reach an agreement.