4.1. Third-party products. You (including your authorized users) can use or acquire other third-party products or services related to the software, including third-party applications (see Section 4.2 (Marketplace Applications) or implementation, customization, training or other services. Your receipt or use of third-party products or services is subject to a separate agreement between you and the third party. If you use the software to enable or use third-party products or services (including third-party applications under Section 4.2 (Marketplace Apps) with the Software, you recognize that third parties can access your data or use it if necessary to collaborate with the Software on their products and services. This may include transferring, transferring, modifying or deleting your data, or storing your data to third-party or third-party systems. The use of your data by third parties is subject to the agreement in force between you and this third-party provider. We are not responsible for the access or use of your data by third parties or their products or services, nor for the security or privacy practices of third parties or their products or services. You are solely responsible for your decision to authorize the use of your data to a third party or to a third-party product or service.

It is your responsibility to carefully verify the agreement between you and the third party, as provided by the third party supplier concerned. ATLASSIAN DISCLAIMS ALL LIABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY THIRD-PARTY PRODUCTS OR SERVICES (WHETHER SUPPORT, AVAILABILITY, SECURITY OR OTHERWISE) OR FOR THE ACTS OR OMISSIONS OF ANY THIRD-PARTY PROVIDERS OR VENDORS. To get started, fill out our secure online offer and order form. On the last confirmation page, turn on the Fesse Number box to add your buttock number. The number in appears on your offer or invoice (valid for 30 days). If you already have an offer or invoice, you can update the offer or invoice via my.atlassian.com the Orders tab. Subject to this reseller agreement, you can only identify yourself as a “reseller” as part of your product resale. You cannot use an Atlassian brand, logo or service mark (“Atlassian brands”) unless authorized by Atlassian`s www.atlassian.com/legal/trademark guidelines. All the goodwill that comes from using Atlassian Marks benefits Atlassian. 7.2 Subscription terms and extensions.

Hosted services are provided on the basis of a subscription for a duration specified in your order (“subscription duration”). Unless otherwise stated in your order, all subscriptions are automatically renewed for periods corresponding to your initial subscription period (and you will be charged at current rates) unless you cancel your subscription via your my.atlassian.com account. If you cancel, your subscription expires at the end of the current billing cycle, but you are not entitled to credits or refunds for amounts incurred or paid before the termination. 1.2. Cloud products. This agreement does not apply to cloud-hosted or cloud-based Atlassian solutions (currently known as “cloud”) whose use requires a separate agreement with Atlassian. This agreement can only be signed in writing by both parties or amended in accordance with Section 18 (Contract Amendments). If a provision of this agreement were to be invalidated by a competent court for the parties to this agreement, that provision is deemed to be as effective as possible to best reflect the original intentions of the parties, in accordance with applicable law, and the rest of that agreement remains fully in force and effective.