The cost of operating and owning your own car can be as little as $50 per week or $100 per week if you include our weekly deductible fee of $50. Therefore, the weekly cost of the deductible, including the car, could be between $120 and $155 per week, depending on the type of car chosen and whether you rented a car from us or purchased yours. The LDC auto-school deductible saves you up to $5,000 a year compared to other major national auto-school deductibles – do the money and see what you`d save. System Driving School probably offers you better quality support than the self-employed and the self-employed, at a fraction of the cost. Our instructors throughout Essex, Havering and Norfolk pay only $55 per week (including VAT) and enjoy all these benefits within their franchise: As a newly qualified instructor, one of the biggest decisions you will make is to establish yourself as an independent instructor or take one of the many franchise options at your disposal. There are pros and cons to every decision, and each instructor must decide which one is most appropriate for them. We charge one of the LOWEST deductible rates for each national auto-school. We operate a franchise in which you only pay for what you need. As a result, we can offer a highly profitable franchise that probably offers you the highest earning potential of any other auto-school franchise or even compared to your own independent instructor business. Looking for a “this has never been a problem” and/or reasonable, “If we can`t provide you with the job, we reduce your deductible, or you can terminate your contract.” With LDC, you only have to commit to an initial period of 3 months paid for the deductible, followed by a one-month notification about their intention to leave.

This ensures that we must continue to offer good value for money or risk losing your business. Unlike other driving schools, we do not require you to enter into a long-term franchise agreement or heavy penalties if you wish to go. For example, the AA/BSM requires you to set yourself for 1-2 years (more than $20,000 in total). We already cover 100 sites for our franchisees and our full-time office team helps you manage and maintain your business with ongoing support, no matter how you want to develop your career. We offer a number of different ways to work together to grow your business, from our all-inclusive partner package with access to free students, unlimited to our solo car rental with two orders. There is a wide variety of auto-schools there, and many of them are franchising. So we`ve put together a list of four of the best franchise opportunities for driving instructors. Many schools start with a reduced deductible and then build, because they offer you more and more work. It would be difficult to pay a full deductible from the start with little work.